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Hi pals,
we know like us u guys also feel irritating when your server denies the access to your favorite websites, like orkut , facebook , myspace , meebo and alot of others of your choice. You look for the solutions and I don't know that upto what level you get success. Anyhow, keeping this problem in front we have decided to provide you pals the tools to get access to your favorite sites and also we will provide you koOl tips regarding to some webs...stay in touch!

Types of Tools

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Almost in every LAN of School , College , Office or Hostel, we see that there are too many sites are being blocked by the LAN server. The administrator block these websites according to the institution policies. Similarly some times the internet users wants to surf the websites anonymously or safely so that he could not be traced.
In these cases, the user wants some tools that provide him the access to the blocked websites or he could surf anonymously. For this solution there are many tools which provide access to the blocked websites or you can surf anonymously.

There are two famous kinds of tools to surf beyond the restrictions

*Online Proxy Servers
*Surfing Softwares

The online proxy servers are the websites that leads u to the desired website. Some common and useful webs in this respect are

and the list goes on...

Now if you look for the surfing softwarwes, the ever best I have found is the software "Ultra Surf". The ultra surf is superb software that has many excellent features in it. Its a safe and reliable tool with the high speed internet surfing. The most amazing thing about it is that, it is very small in this that is less than an MB.

How to use UltraSurf:

Just download the ultra surf from and then extract it from the zip folder. Run the .exe file. After running a window will be prompted to you to select the option from the given options. Select any of the first two options if you are sitting on a LAN server and the third one if you are having your own direct DSL, Dial-Up or any connection.


The ultrasurf actually connects to it's server in USA and provides you the ip address of USA. It connects you to the internet at port 9666. Your internet speed is not get affected by using this software.

Other Softwares:

i) Easy Hide IP by

ii) Free anonymus surfing software by PC Mesh at


No matter how safe and the latest technology is being used by the online servers to provide the anonymous surfing or to unblock the websites but the softwares are having there very much importance in surfing the web anonymously. Because of the high speed of the softwares and easy connectivity , the softwares are being liked every where.

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